Garbage is everywhere, the dock is still stuck in the mangroves, and things are scattered on the ground, making the beautiful area less aesthetic after Hurricane Yang.

The Tarpon Street Pier and Riverside Park were wrecked by the Yan surge, and there were no visible efforts to clean them up or repair them.

But during the sit-down meeting, the mayor of Fort Myers told WINK News about plans to upgrade the area in the future.

The missing pier is a clear indicator of Ian’s rage and indifference to Southwest Florida. But people know that the future of Tarpon Street is only going to get brighter.

The Tarpon Street Pier is gone. CREDIT: WINK News

The Tarpon Street Pier stretched far into the Caloosahatchee, where Kristen McElligatt liked to take a leisurely stroll.

“I walk this way practically seven days a week. I used to walk on the pier, but not since Ian,” McElligatt said.

Behind Jan, the pier is a dead end right in front of the water. But the riverfront from Tarpon Street could be the site’s new lease of life.

The Tarpon Street Pier has become a dead end since Hurricane Ian. CREDIT: WINKN News

“There’s a good chance this will be our ramp,” said Kevin Anderson, mayor of Fort Myers.

β€œI think there will be a lot of people using the boat ramp,” McElligatt said.

Similarly, the pier along the street leading to Riverside Park is in pretty bad shape. Mayor Anderson shared some thoughts on the repair of this pier.

Riverside Marina, destroyed after Hurricane Jan. CREDIT: WINK News

β€œIt will take time. Of course, you know, everything has to be done at the top of the priority list,” Anderson said.

Whatever project is implemented in Riverside Park, there are some limitations. The city bought the land in 1999 and agreed to certain restrictions on the property, such as a motorcycle ban.

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