People in their golden years are proving their mastery of technology as new technology is tested in a senior living space in Fort Myers to improve quality of life.

Cypress Cove residents will receive a little extra help from Alexa to keep track of their daily activities, check what they will be eating during the day, and control the light while they are still in bed. The technology is called K4 Connect and is designed for the elderly only.

Joe Welderman, vice president of Cypress Cove, says more than 600 people living there, as well as staff and caregivers, will use the program. He says it’s the only right thing for our seniors to be aware of the latest programs.

“They expect to be able to use this technology in their home; My parents have things like Ring doorbells, Nest thermostats and Samsung smart refrigerators, though, and it would be very disappointing for someone like my dad to move to Cypress Cove and not be able to use that technology, ”Welderman said. .

One of the residents has already been able to demonstrate how the technology works.

“I can start my day in my iPad on my lap, probably in my pajamas, doing classes that are available throughout the day,” Betsy Russell said. “I can make plans, whether I eat or not join friends, I can decide whether I will go to this gym in preparation for dinner.”

While several residents have already tested K4 Connect, the program will officially begin next week.

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