After Hurricane Ian, people living in Fort Myers Beach and Sanibel are jumping through hoops to get their mail.

Some had to drive all the way to Southwest Florida International Airport to get their mail. Good news: help is here.

The post office’s temporary trailers are located at Fort Myers Beach and will be ready for use soon.

Like almost everything else, Hurricane Ian wiped out the Fort Myers Beach Postal Service.

Two trailers embody hope. The United States Postal Service hopes to turn it into a temporary post office while it works to renovate the main facility on Carolina Avenue.

“Now we have trailers; they are working on these ramps to make them ADA accessible. So we hope to be open by the end of this week, which will be very important to our community,” said Jim Atterholt, Fort Myers Beach Vice Mayor.

Damaged Fort Myers Beach Post Office. (By: WINK News)

Atterholt said the old post office is gutted on the inside, so it will be a while before it returns. Having a place where people can get their mail is very important, he said, because after the hurricane, most people here had to go to the airport.

“And this is a huge inconvenience. And I understood immediately after the assault why they should do it. But we needed to regain our place on the island as soon as possible,” Atterholt said.

One trailer will have mailboxes for those who already have one, and the larger trailer will be where people can pick up their mail or drop off a letter. Something most people take for granted.

“There is tremendous optimism as we look ahead to the future. We hear so many really exciting rebuilding plans and so many people are working hard to rebuild their lives. And I just think I’m extremely optimistic about the future of Fort Myers Beach,” Atterholt said.

On Sanibel, by the end of the month, the post office plans to install two mobile units to serve the public.

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