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BIRMINGHAM, Alabama – In the middle of the press conference, after answering questions from people from Protective Stadium, media representatives present through Zoom had a call to ask their questions.

After a long awkward silence, New Orleans Breakers Head coach Larry Fedor connected the players Kyle Slaughter and Anthony Jones.

“Everyone is in bed,” Fedor joked.

The night was full.

After 54 points scored in regular time, a 60-yard goal from the game, five attempts to convert two points – including one in regulation – a failed comeback and overtime, the Breakers were happy to leave the press conference at 23:52 CT with a win over Michigan Panthers – not to mention the chance to stay in the fight for one of the two places in the playoffs at the end of the inauguration USFL season.

But to get there, Slotara had to first roll back to the left, throw a duck and hit the width Jay Adamswho caught the pass just at the time the Breakers called a timeout with the clock showing one second on the clock.

“The quarterback got hit,” said Fedor, “and when he threw it, the ball flew into the air – it was never planned.”

The Breakers beat the Panthers, 31-27, in the first USFL OT thriller

The Breakers ‘defense stopped the Panthers’ attack from two attempts in a row, and Anthony Jones and Kyle Slaughter moved to New Orleans.

That set New Orleans kicker Taylor Bertaletto to score a 26-yard field goal when overtime was over.

According to the rules of the league, overtime consists of bullets among the top three from the line of 2 yards. Each point is worth two points. When one of the teams comes out on four in their first two possessions, the game is over.

If the teams remain a draw after a shootout with the top three, the period immediately turns to sudden death.

For the Panthers, who were the first to take possession, their first attempt was a memorable one, which ended in a failed click.

The Breakers scored in their first possession when Slaughter found Jones open in the apartment, scoring the first points in USFL overtime.

The Panthers missed again on the second attempt and then Slaughter escaped to the final zone due to an interrupted game to secure a 31-27 victory in overtime. He finished 15-on-24 on 182 yards with two TDs.

“I think as a competitor,” Slaughter said, “you’re looking for opportunities to help your team win the game, and in the end we had some great games.”

Kyle Slaughter’s move helps the Breakers beat the Panthers in the OT

Kyle Slaughter threw for 182 yards and two touchdowns when the New Orleans Breakers held a spectacular 31-29 victory over the Michigan Panthers.

Patterson moves to the side

It was not enough that Panthers coach Jeff Fisher decided to release the defender Shea Patterson – overall draft selection № 1 – at the beginning of the week. Patterson patrolled the sidelines for Breakers Larry Fyodor, doing his best to try to tell the New Orleans defense what games the Panthers were trying to run.

It didn’t matter.

The Panthers nearly earned their second win of the season after a game to replace Patterson, Josh Love. Love completed 18 of 36 passes for 173 yards.

“We got a promotion as a defender,” Fisher said.

Love was a steady outstanding rapid attack that included running away Reggie Corbyn the evil last century on earth.

Corbin leads the league in the average number of yards per ditch. He carried the ball 13 times for 108 yards (8.3 yards per throw), while the Panthers ‘offensive line spanned the Breakers’ defense, allowing Panthers to score on average better than 5.5 yards per carry.

In a match involving attacks from the top pass (Breakers) against defense from the top pass (Panthers), Breakers decided to start the game with a run before making a big win on the screen and run back Jordan Ellis. But the final distribution of Adams was on the floor with the Panthers’ defensive defense Jacuan Bailey covering it for the first move of the game.

Love decided not to look the gift horse in the mouth and quickly found Devin Ross in the middle of the field to put the Panthers in first and goal position for 33 yards.

However, Breaker’s defense remained within its 10-yard line, forcing the Panthers to score from the game to take a 3-0 lead at 6:07, remaining in the first quarter.

After the planned change of defender in New Orleans, the former Tulsa defender Zach Smith led the Breakers to fall on the field in 10 games as a result of the first landing in the game with his first pass to land in the USFL on a wide field Sal Cinnamon.

He finished 5-on-8 at 46 yards with this TD transition.

With one minute left, Slaughter, the starter, re-entered the game and led the Breakers across the field for their second TD in the game. Slaughter found Adams on the top shelf to help bring the Breakers ahead of the Panthers to the score.

(Another) record goal from the game

In the half, the Breakers led just 14-9 after ruling USFL Special Team Week player Cole Murphy broke the USFL record of 60 yards from the game when the clock switched to zero.

“Just a great hit,” Fisher said.

Murphy was 4-on-5 in trying to score against the Breakers.

Murphy set a previous USFL record for the longest game of the game when he scored 56th in the Panthers’ defeat to Birmingham last week.

Cole Murphy kicks the ball out of the game for 60 yards to give the Panthers a boost before the break

Cole Murphy is preparing a 60-yard field goal to give the Panthers a boost.

Late lead changes

Coming out after the break, goalkeeper Breakers Bertalette extended New Orleans to 17-9, gaining three of their own points before the Panthers began organizing their first steady productive event in the second half.

The New Orleans defense leaned on its own 16-yard line and forced Michigan to settle for three more at the end of the 16-game drive. In the third quarter, the “Breakers” led with a score of 17-12 with a score of 1:21, so the “Panthers” had to feel good, keeping the team Fyodor within one account.

Their optimism paid off. In the next opening match, Taiwan Taylor groped the ball in response, and the ball was found by the Michigan halfway through the Breakers field.

At the end of the third quarter, the Panthers kept the ball on the line of seven yards of New Orleans with the third and seventh to the end. Extreme defender Stevie Scott III later stepped on the TD and tuned the Panther for a two-point conversion when Love’s pass Lance Lenoir from 14:20 left to play.

The Panthers took the lead for the first time after six minutes to the first quarter. The leadership did not last long.

Jones took the screen from Michigan’s 42-yard line and found a springboard to help the Breakers regain a 24-20 advantage of 12:12 before the game. But the Panthers wasted no time in returning to the board.

Breakers, Panthers score three times in a row on the 4th

The New Orleans Breakers and the Michigan Panthers started the fourth quarter with a bang, scoring three goals in a row.

They drove to Corbyn in the red zone and took a second lead in five minutes when back-back Cam Scarlett became the second defender to rush to the TD for the Panthers in seven games lasting two minutes and 51 seconds.

Michigan returned to first place, 27-24, with 9:23 left to play. Panther’s defense did not allow to score another point – until the last second of the main match.

By the end of the game, “Michigan” scored 11 points, and their 27 points was the highest number that the “Panthers” scored in one game for the whole season.

The Panthers suffered another emotional loss in a game in which they looked like they had won.

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