The mother is outraged after her child returned home from the day care unit with a mark on her body.

The mother’s initial reaction was to believe that what happened had an innocent explanation, but now she thinks something else is going on and wants to know what.

Her little boy returned from kindergarten with honors in his hand, and it prompted her to ask questions.

When she didn’t like the answers, she grabbed the phone and asked questions again.

A 3-year-old boy went to Grace Public School at the Golden Gate.

“Everything in the way they work raises red flags and makes my stomach roll over. They are protecting themselves from something, ”she said.

The woman is now looking for a new kindergarten for her son because she is not happy with how the kindergarten has responded to her questions. WINK News does not name the mother because she fears other child caregivers will not take her son because of the incident.

“In my head it really came to innocence, maybe he ran away and someone went to grab him and stop him,” she said. “I didn’t know and didn’t expect the result, but I didn’t expect anything.”

When she said the school did not answer her questions, she called the Collier County Sheriff’s Office. The deputy drew up a report and noted the mark on his son’s hand.

Wrote a statement to the Department of Children and Family Affairs.

When a detective entered the school, the woman said, the school did not allow the detective to talk to the teacher.

Her biggest fear now is that she believes nothing will work.

“Basically, my son fell in the gray area, he didn’t get hurt enough to be considered. But we should be thankful that he didn’t get hurt enough to be considered, ”she said, adding,“ As a father I not only feel like I couldn’t protect my child while he was there and now I don’t I can even defend him. “

No one from the school, the sheriff’s office or the DCF began commenting to WINK News about what happened at the Grace Community school.

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