A youth pride conference is being held at the United Church of Christ in Naples on Saturday morning, sparking a wave of controversy.

GLSEN Collier County will hold an event for LGBTQ + children in grades 6-12.

The conference aims to create a safe space for the pride of young people, and as some people are not happy with the event taking place in the church, the organizers are working with the Naples Police Department to ensure the safety of the participants.

That’s it the first youth conference organized by GLSEN Collier County at the United Church of Naples.

GLSEN, which stands for Education Network of Gays, Lesbians and Natural Women, is working to improve the school climate for LGBTQ youth.

The conference will discuss issues such as mental health, religious identity and sex education for adolescents aged 12 to 18. There will also be a drag show featuring local artists.

This is not a church event. They are just renting a room, but the temporary pastor wants the church to be a place where everyone can feel God’s grace.

“We don’t always diverge as well as we should. We need to find ways to share our deep and passionate concerns with the level of kindness and interaction, and sometimes it is not, and it is annoying, but we still want to be part of the community, be close and allow people to disagree. ” said David Greenhaw, interim senior minister of the United Church of Naples Christ.

Some people disagreed with the event is held in the church, so the organizers are working with the police department to protect everyone.

The Naples Police Department will monitor the area and make sure the protesters stay away. They will also double check their registration list to verify the identity of each.

The conference will feature keynote speakers, songs and a family drag show.

“The whole goal is to give students the opportunity to see how young people interact with their peers and GLSEN professionals who can help them navigate and explore different aspects of their LGBTQ identity, ranging from mental health to sex education that they do not provide. in schools. “Said Daniel Shaw, director of the Youth Pride Conference.

“It’s definitely a really safe space for you, both those in the community and those who are trying to learn more about it,” said Hornet Boza, student director of the Shine team.

Organizers say they expect 40 to 50 children to attend the event. The event starts at 9 am at the United Church of Christ of Naples.

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