Mobile communication could be improved in Naples soon, but not everyone is happy with the idea. The city of Naples is limited in what it can do with the communications company’s plan to put large 5G cellular towers in a popular location.

Opponents say the 33-foot 5G poles do not meet urban design standards. The city cannot control where they go, but they have the right to vote in their appearance.

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This battle for the 5G Tower in Naples begins in 2018. The company that needs to build them wants to start, but the city and many people in Naples are unhappy with how they will look.

The 33-foot-tall black pole, which stands at the city’s berth, provides more mobile services and faster data transfer for all providers. The company that owns it, Crowd Castle, wants to build four more along the 3rd Street South area.

A rendering showing plans for 5G poles in Naples.

“We are at a point where we need to move forward. We didn’t have such a problem anymore, ”a Crown Castle spokesman said.

Crown Castle officials say the city of Naples is lagging behind in technological development. They say sites for accommodation are being chosen because of weak alarms and heavy congestion, such as 3rd Street South.

Most of the territory is owned by Neapolitan Enterprises. They don’t like the idea of ​​these huge pillars, as do the members of Naples ’city council.

“Observation, no one wants a mini-fridge in front of them on the main street. In my opinion, it looks unattractive, ”said Naples city council deputy Beth Petrunova.

The Crown Castle collaborated with city officials on design and layout. The city cannot choose where to go towers. Florida’s 2017 law deprived local governments of the ability to regulate the location of 5G towers, but the city can express its opinion in appearance.

“They just don’t meet the criteria of city design standards,” a Neapolitan Enterprises lawyer said.

Naples City Council decided nothing on Tuesday. City council members said they have additional questions to answer before starting construction.

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