Floods and merriment took over when Easter returned. The annual Donbar Easter parade brought the community together.

This year was the 78th annual Easter parade in Donbar, which has become a community tradition.

Sharon Davis came from Cape Coral. “This is my fifteenth parade with the Dunbar Festival,” Davis said.

Every year thousands of people gather for the parade and its celebrations. “It’s a celebration of life, and it’s a life in a community that is very close to each other,” Davis said.

Willie Battle says the event lifts the spirits. “We’ve always had a parade to raise the community, to give them life,” Battle said.

More than 70 NGOs with lots of candy marched through the streets of the historic community of Dunbar in downtown Fort Myers. Edward Hardin says he feels like family. “It’s a family reunion. People just see the happiness of people who do it and want to be a part of it, more than any … anything, ”Hardin said.

Antoinette Gilmore helped organize the event to bring back a place that means so much to her. “I grew up here all my life. The father was a tutor. I’ve worked at Lee County Schools for 29 years, and it means so much to me to see everyone and all of our kids get together and have such an exciting day, ”Gilmore said.

It was an opportunity to test the community, showcase your talent and skills and bring back the city. “It’s resurrection day, baby, it’s all about God!” said Gilmore.

Immediately after the parade, families enjoyed live music, food, bouncing houses and Easter egg hunting at the Fort Myers Stars complex.

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