At the Oscars, they said they were gay.

The first political volley of the Academy Awards ceremony in Los Angeles on Sunday night took place in the first monologue, when Wanda Sykes – one of the three leading shows – made a subtle veiled blow to the so-called Florida bill “Don’t say gay”, which passed earlier this month a state-controlled state legislature.

“Today is going to be a great night for us,” the outspoken gay Sykes said. “And for you people in Florida, we’re going to have a fun night.”

She and other presenters Amy Schumer and Regina Hall then repeated the word “gay” several times as many in the crowd, such as Denzel Washington and Nicole Kidman, smiled and applauded in admiration.

The bill, passed earlier this month and firmly defended by Governor Ron DeSantis, bans the teaching of sexual orientation and gender identity in kindergarten until third grade. Florida lawmakers have rejected criticism from Democrats that it marginalizes LGBTQ.

This was loudly opposed by LGBTQ supporters, the White House and many representatives of the entertainment industry.

The shot at the Florida bill was not the only political blow the hosts made in their introductory monologue.

“This year we have seen a terrible demonstration of how toxic masculinity is turning into cruelty to women and children,” Hall said.

“Damn this Mitch McConnell,” Sykes replied.

Hall said she simply created a line about the Oscar-nominated “Power of the Dog.”

And they not only targeted politics as humorous topics to open the show: the trio also covered the controversial decision to award eight Oscars before the show, the hairstyle of basketball star LeBron James and even the Golden Globe.

The “Don’t Talk Gay” poster in Florida at the Oscars was a joke

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