A screenshot of Google Earth from the National Transportation Safety Board shows a flight track on the day of the crash that killed eight passengers in North Carolina.

Provided by the National Transportation Safety Board.

Eight people were killed in the flight, including four teenagers inexplicably crashed to the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of North Carolina in February.

Now the families of the four passengers are judging companies that owned the plane and worked as pilots.

On Tuesday, May 24, the families of the four passengers killed in the plane crash filed a complaint lawsuit for wrongful death Against EDP Management Group, Dillon’s Aviation and Green Assets, which employed pilot Ernest Durwood Rawls, who also died in the crash, said in a press release.

The family of 15-year-old Noah Lee Styron filed a complaint; Michael Daly Shepard, 15; Jacob Nolan Taylor, 16; and Stephanie Fulcher, 42, according to the lawsuit.

Dillon’s Aviation and Green Assets rejected a request from McClatchy News on May 25th. The management of EDP Management Group could not be reached for comment.

“Our clients have experienced every family’s worst nightmare, and they want answers and responsibility,” said Andrew K. Robb, a family lawyer who also represented Vanessa Bryant in the lawsuit over her wrongful death after a helicopter crash. whose dead husband Kobe Bryant and daughter, Jana Bryant, said in a release.

The suit appears after a plane crash that occurred on February 13, 2022 in Carreret County, off the coast of North Carolina.

That day the plane took off from Engelgard around 13:35 and headed to Beaufort, the complaint said.

Minutes after takeoff, the air traffic controller told the pilot that he was flying near limited airspace, which the pilot confirmed he would avoid, the lawsuit said.

The complaint states that a few minutes later, at approximately 13:41, the air traffic controller again warned the pilot that he was going to enter the restricted area.

There were several calls from the air traffic controller, to which the pilot did not answer, according to the lawsuit.

At about 2 p.m., when the plane’s altitude was rising rapidly, the air traffic controller asked the pilot at what altitude he was flying, but there was no answer again, the lawsuit said.

A few minutes later, the complaint said the radar link to the plane was lost and the plane crashed into the Atlantic Ocean about three miles off the North Carolina coast.

The crash killed a commercial pilot, a student pilot and six passengers, according to the National Transportation Safety Board.

In a preliminary report published by McClatchy News on May 25, the agency said that during a conversation with air traffic controllers “there were no distress calls or declarations of emergency from the plane.”

The lawsuit alleges that the pilot failed to maintain control of the aircraft and failed to avoid limited airspace, leading to an “unstable and irregular flight trajectory.”

In the lawsuit, the family of the passengers stated that the pilot “illegally relied” on his son, a co-pilot who had “insufficient training and experience.”

According to the Federal Aviation Administration, as of 2021, the pilot had about 3,000 flight hours. That year, his son, a student pilot, reported 20 hours of flying experience.

The lawsuit further stated that “the negligent management of the pilot led to his subsequent spatial disorientation.”

Families involved in the lawsuit are seeking damages, including compensation for their pain and suffering, as well as medical and funeral expenses.

“This catastrophe could have been completely prevented. These families want to find out exactly how this tragedy happened, in order to prevent others from enduring what they are suffering, ”the lawyer of the families said in a release.

Cassandra Coyer is a national real-time reporter for McClachie, who covers the southeast while in Washington, DC. more.

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