A Genesee County man experienced a “sense of happiness” when he played the Michigan lottery. He rushed to buy a ticket, placed bets and won the jackpot.

Photo by Giorgio Trovato via Unsplash

A “feeling of happiness” prompted one man to buy a Michigan lottery ticket and hit the jackpot.

A 58-year-old man from Genesee County was on Michigan Lottery on Thursday, Oct. 27, he told Michigan Lottery officials that he was watching The Jack prize pool grow.

Jack is an optional Club Keno game in which players select eight numbers to try to match the drawn Club Keno numbers, according to the Michigan Lottery website. The jackpot grows until someone matches all eight numbers and wins.

The Genesee County man, who chose to remain anonymous, felt “lucky” and “told my wife we ​​needed to buy a ticket right away,” according to the news release.

The couple arrived at the restaurant and the man immediately filled out his ticket with the numbers 11-14-16-26-33-41-65-71 — and all eight matched the drawing, officials said.

He scanned his ticket, but “when the confetti appeared on the screen and confirmed the winning amount, I didn’t believe it,” he told lottery officials. “I logged out of the app and then logged back in and scanned the ticket a second time. When the confetti and the winning amount came back on the screen, I burst into tears!”

He won $261,377 in the drawing, lottery officials said.

“The victory is stunning and amazing! I can’t believe the feeling of happiness that I paid off,” he told lottery representatives. He plans to use this money to pay his bills and go on vacation.

The man bought his winning ticket at Fifty Nine West in Highland, Michigan, officials said.

Genesee County is about 70 miles northwest of Detroit.

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