A fire caused extensive damage to the couple’s home during post-Ian renovations on Mederia Lane in Estero on Wednesday morning.

Estero Fire Rescue, San Carlos Park Fire and Lee County EMS responded to the scene just after 8:30 a.m. The whole house was badly damaged, especially the roof.

The couple who live in the home say it is still being repaired due to damage from Hurricane Ian. They are currently in a trailer in their driveway. The trailer was fortunately not damaged, and no one was injured.

The man said that he had already lost everything in Yana. They had finally started buying things to replace what they had lost, and now the fire had taken his things again.

His wife, Sue, says the biggest frustration comes from feeling like they can’t rest. So many memories were lost when the fire broke out, but she tries to keep her spirits up.

“I don’t think words can describe how I feel right now; it’s quite stunning, Sue said. “We’ve been making great strides in the house since the storm and it’s just an absolute blind spot for us to wake up this morning and see a house on fire. it’s hard.”

They had been taking it one day at a time since the storm. More loss never crossed Sue’s mind.

“My mother always said you only get as much as you can handle,” Sue said.

So despite the double blow to their home, she will find a way to stay positive. “Fortunately, the camper we were staying in was not injured. So we still have a place, a roof over our heads, for which I am very grateful.”

In the trailer, the family will be planning their recovery for the second time.

Firefighters say they are still investigating the cause of the fire.

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