The PostgreSQL team, a repository of data for web, mobile, geospatial and analytics applications, today announced that the first beta version of PostgreSQL 15 is now available for download.

The beta version offers users a preview of all the features that will become available when PostgreSQL 15 becomes public. Information on these features and changes can be found at notes to release.

According to the company, this release offers several new opportunities to simplify and improve the developer experience. These features include an introduction Combinea standard SQL command to conditionally perform write operations on data.

Prior to this release, the same behavior could be performed using stored procedures or using “INSTALL … IN CONFLICT”. Developers can now write simple queries to choose the right action to change the data.

PostgreSQL 15 is also based on existing SQL / JSON path language support, adding more standard SQL / JSON functions. These include SQL / JSON constructors, query / introspection functionsand the ability to convert JSON data to table.

In addition, the beta adds more regular expression features, including regexp_count, regexp_like, and regexp_substr. The range_agg function was also introduced in PostgreSQL 15 and now supports aggregation of types with multiple ranges.

This release also offers users significant acceleration for sorting data when sorting by large data sets.

The performance enhancements included in PostgreSQL 15 apply to various types of queries, including the introduction of parallelization for SELECT DISTINCT statements and performance improvements window functions using “line_number ()”, “rank ()” and “counter ()”.

The company strongly encourages interested users to test these new features in their systems and provide feedback to eliminate any errors or problems that may exist. Visit the page for more information website.

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