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China reported its first case of monkeypox on Friday in a person who recently entered the country, officials said.

Health care authorities in the south-west city Chongqing said the man developed symptoms of Covid-19 while in quarantine.

Under China’s zero-Covid policy, people entering the country are usually required to undergo one to two weeks of self-isolation upon arrival.

The monkeypox patient was diagnosed after developing symptoms including a skin rash, the city’s health commission said in a report, classifying the case as an “imported infection.”

The patient “is undergoing centralized isolation at a special hospital and is in a stable condition,” the statement said.

As the patient was immediately isolated upon entering the city, “there is no trace of social transmission and the risk of transmission is low,” it said.

Last week, Hong Kong registered its first monkey pox the case of a 30-year-old man who developed symptoms during a three-day urban Covid quarantine for arrivals.

The patient had no contact with the public, according to a health official, who said the risk of infection to Hong Kongers was “very low”.

The first case of monkey pox was recorded in Hong Kong

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