The flight attendant of Frontier Airlines is considered a hero for helping a woman who gave birth unexpectedly on one of the flights.

On Tuesday, the company posted on its own Facebook the page praised Diana Girald’s actions for taking action to help with childbirth.

The company said the birth took place when the plane was flying from Denver to Orlando.

Giralda calmly took the woman to the bathroom and helped give birth to the baby girl.

“After the flight, Diana went forward again to coordinate our return to Orlando,” said Captain Chris Nye.

According to CBS News, the plane was diverted to Pensacola, Florida, where medics were waiting for help.

“The whole crew worked really well. “I handed over control and flight duties to my first officer when I was coordinating the sabotage,” Nye said. It was a job well done and I was excited to see everyone working together on a successful newborn birth on the plane! ”

The company said the new mom gave the new baby a second name “Skye”.

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