Tallahassee, Florida. A new congressional map drawn up by Florida Gov. Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis, which could reduce the state’s black office in Washington, was reinstated by an appeals court on Friday, a week after a lower court judge ruled the card unconstitutional.

The District Court of Appeals ruled that Judge Lane Smith made a mistake when ordering the use of the replacement card in the 2022 election. The latter order means that the governor’s card is restored pending the outcome of a lawsuit that challenges the constitutionality of the card.

The DeSantis map is likely to increase the number of Republican seats in Florida, as well as make it harder for Democrat Al Lawson to maintain his seat in the northern district of Florida, where nearly half of the voters are black. Another constituency, which currently favors black candidates, has also been redesigned in a way that will complicate their victory.

The order is likely to be appealed to the state Supreme Court, where DeSantis has appointed three of the seven judges.

The decision is made as the state approaches the qualifying period from June 13 to 17 for the federal post. The Court of Appeal referred to this urgency in its ruling on two pages.

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