A Fox News panelist was shouted down by the hosts Wednesday night for suggesting that the former president Donald Trump must have made a mistake to justify a Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) search of him Mar-a-Lago place of residence.

On Monday, FBI agents searched Trump’s Palm Beach residence. Florida, residence apparently in connection with presidential documents, some of which are top secret, that Mr. Trump improperly removed from the White House before his term ends in January 2021.

Anchors on Fox News’ A fiver shouted Jessica Tarlow, the center-left co-host of the debate, for suggesting that Mr. Trump could be wrong.

One of the co-hosts, former judge Jeanine Pirro, suggested the FBI may have planted evidence at Mr Trump’s home during the raids.

“Let me tell you a little bit about this warrant. They could write anything they wanted into that warrant. This execution of the warrant filed with the court contains what they received. How did they get those boxes? The word used is “prudent”. That is, the boxes were taken, the inventory was not made.”

“We don’t know what was in the box,” Ms Pira added.

“They set it up in such a way that you can say anything in that box. And going through Melania Trump’s clothes? This is outrage. This is their attempt to intimidate the Trumps and make sure that the Trumps are not in a position where they can deny anything.”

Ms Tarlow said untruths have been published in the public domain since the raids, including oft-repeated claims that evidence may have been planted during the raids.

“Our heads are spinning from the amount of falsehoods and assumptions that are heard all over television. From the idea, there was evidence that it was planted. Donald Trump is now amplifying that,” Ms. Tarlow said.

“Eric Trump went on TV and said that Biden definitely signed it. I don’t know if he’s sad about the way his father did things, but the Biden administration said they found out.

Ms Tarlova was then interrupted by co-host Jesse Watters, who switched to the president’s son Hunter Biden and said: “Because Biden always tells the truth?”

“Do you believe him?” he continued. “Biden had no idea what his son Hunter was doing.”

Because all the presenters spoke at once, trying to interrupt Ms. Tarlova.

Co-host Greg Gutfeld added: “Shouldn’t he [Mr Biden] know?”

Ms. Tarlow argued that if Trump’s team believed evidence had been planted, they had to “prove it,” prompting another round of boos.

“Couldn’t it be that he actually just did something really bad and shouldn’t have done it?” said Mrs. Tarlova.

Ms Piro added: “He cooperated with them.”

“No, no,” said Ms. Tarlow.

“He cooperated with them!” Mrs. Piro shouted.

“Screaming doesn’t mean it’s true,” Ms. Tarlow said.

While Mr. Trump previously said he was cooperating with the government’s efforts, days after the raid he said the search at Mar-a-Lago was an attempt to weaponize federal law and potentially prevent him from running for president in 2024. .

Mr Trump condemned the raids as “prosecutorial misconduct” and “weaponizing the justice system”.

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