There aren’t many situations in sports where victory leaves a sour taste in an athlete’s mouth, but this one does Packers defender Aaron Rodgers felt Sunday after Green Bay’s 27-24 overtime to win New England.

Green Bay won thanks to a well-organized 12-play, 77-yard drive by Rodgers & Co. Mason Crosby anchored by a 31-yard field goal in overtime, but the close win came at home against a team that played behind its third-string quarterback in Bailey Zappe. So Rogers was not entirely satisfied.

“I don’t think that way of winning is sustainable because it puts too much pressure on our defense,” Rodgers said after the game. “And obviously I have to play better and I will play better.

“I settled in [late] and usually do not have two terrible halves. So I got back to the form I expected myself to be in and we started moving into football. You can’t go 2-2 with a third quarterback and not play great in all three phases, so we had to do this one. It doesn’t take anything away from the joy of winning, but we had to get it.”

Owner of “Stadka”. Colin Kaustukh was not surprised by Rogers’ comments.

Are the Packers a legitimate contender at 3-1 after an OT win against the Patriots?

Colin Cowherd explains why he “doesn’t see Green Bay” as a top 10 team.

“Awareness is very, very important, and I think Aaron Rodgers sees the problem,” Cowherd said Monday.

“I think Green Bay has been looking at them for years [one-dimensional teams] and thought, “Haha, we can beat you in many ways.” They became one of them. The box scores look nice: 24 first downs, 450 yards, dominating possessions, very few penalties. We think they are smart. But with Aaron, Matt Lafleur, the best running back in the division, they’re 22nd in the league.”

Cowherd said their struggles kept them from getting into it weekly top 10 ranking.

“That’s why I don’t put them in the top 10,” he said. “Badly beaten Chicago the team Tampa with none of his receivers, and the third-string quarterback — who, by the way, took them to overtime.

“… When Mc Jones would play, this game doesn’t go to overtime.”

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