On Sunday, a group known as Kids Helping Our Veterans showed up to American Legion Post 38 in downtown Fort Myers with a UHaul full of supplies for any veteran in need.

Things like bottled water, non-perishable canned goods, and toilet paper. The goods will be distributed among the four American Legion posts in Ft. Myers, Lehigh Acre, Punta Gorda and Pine Island.

American Legion Post 38 Commander Kevin Boyd said his post has helped disaster-stricken communities across the country, but he never imagined disaster would come to Southwest Florida.

“I mean, it’s really amazing. Especially since we took a Uhaul in Baton Rouge and we also took one in Kentucky, not realizing they were going to pay us back for it,” Boyd said. “Last Wednesday we had a truck from Thunderbolt Georgia. Brought a whole bunch of things. Post 184 to let you know it breaks your heart, especially when I went downtown and saw the downtown, I was horrified. I could not believe it. And Fort Myers Beach is gone. There is no more beach. I never thought I would experience something like this.”

“We started helping teachers, then we started helping the homeless, and then we just decided to start helping veterans. I don’t feel like they’re getting a lot of help,” said Tiffany, an employee of Kids Helping Our Veterans.

Before they finished unloading the goods, more volunteers from other posts arrived to collect and distribute the items.

Veterans of Foreign Wars also collect and distribute items for donation. Please contact your local office if you would like to take part.