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The herbal composition of Kamini was in the news with a drug and alcohol treatment program in Brisbane reporting 12 people accessed the service because they could not stop taking Kamini. A the second group 12 patients in Melbourne sought help for opioid addiction from taking herbal medicines, which are usually illegally imported from India.

Kamini Vidravan Ras reasons drug addiction in people who use it regularly because it contains opium, among other plant and mineral ingredients. opium is a plant product refined to make prescription drugs including morphine and codeine illegal drugs such as heroin.

Known as Kamini, Kamini balls, and the Indian Viagra, Ayurvedic practitioners prescribe it for male sexual problems, including impotence, premature ejaculation, and erectile dysfunction.

Ayurveda is a traditional Indian healthcare system that uses a holistic approach to disease. Herbal, mineral and animal productsas well as diet, exercise, and lifestyle changes are designed to improve well-being.

It is likely that many people who take Kamini are unaware that it contains opium and are unaware of the risks of regular use.

Different amounts of morphine

Kamini is sold in handmade round pellet bottles which are swallowed. A similar product, Barshasha, is produced in the form of a paste.

During digestion, opium breaks down into “natural opiates” morphine, codeine and thebain (“paramorphine”). Kamini’s chemical study showed that the amount of morphine in one pill varied from From 4% to 21% of the product.

Opium and other similar drugs can lead to reusable because they stimulate the brain’s reward centers, causing a strong sense of pleasure and relaxation. These strong effects diminish over time as a person develops a tolerance to the drug. Therefore, more of the drug is required to produce the same sensation.

When a person develops a tolerance and stops taking the drug, they experience it withdrawal symptoms. These can be physical, such as sweating, vomiting and muscle cramps, as well as psychological, such as anxiety and drug cravings.

People who use Kamini have described tolerance and withdrawal symptoms when they tried to stop. Usually starting with one pill a day, within a few weeks the intake is quickly increased to 25-30 pills a day or one bottle to experience the same initial effect. By price $70–$100 per bottledaily use becomes a financial burden.

One bottle of Kamini can contain up to 4000 milligrams of morphine. This is a significant amount of a powerful drug. In comparison, people with severe cancer pain can be prescribed up to 2000 mg of morphine per day, but the most average from 100 mg to 250 mg.

Hardly going to help anyone stay awake

Apart from sexual problems, people have taken Kamini to try to stay awake at work. A 2016 SBS investigation revealed that men in Southeast Asia were using Kamini to help them get through long shifts. Many worked in transport.

They reported that they received Kamini from Asian grocery stores throughout Australia, without the prescription or supervision of an Ayurvedic practitioner.

The belief that Kamini will keep you awake is probably a misinterpretation of its original reputation for increasing vitality. But opium products have the opposite effect of stimulants, slowing down the nervous system rather than speeding it up.

Ayurvedic websites when describing the composition and reasons for using Kamini, note that it contains opium, its use should be controlled, and the dose should be limited to half or one tablet per day due to risks of drug addiction.

The online market is worth billions

The use of herbal and natural remedies to improve well-being or as remedies for physical and mental problems is becoming increasingly popular. Online availability facilitates access to a wide range of products.

In 2021 world market respected for herbal and Ayurvedic medicines 9.5 billion US dollars (A$14.8 billion) with annual growth of 10%. India is it the largest Ayurvedic marketwith about 80% market share.

The ease of access and the fact that they are derived from a plant may make some people think of Ayurvedic medicines and others herbal preparations are harmless. Commonly identified as biologically active supplementsproducts like Kamini are not required to provide safety or efficacy information to drug regulators in other countries.

Following an investigation by SBS, Australia’s medicines regulator, the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA), banned the importation and supply of Kamini. The TGA has not evaluated Kamini products for quality, safety or efficacy. U statement launched in 2016, the TGA said “these pills pose a serious risk to your health and should not be taken”.

Departure from Kamini

Kamini addiction can be successfully treated with medications such as buprenorphine and supportive counseling.

Drug addiction can cause health, work, relationship and financial problems.

If you have any problem with Kamini or any other a drugfree confidential help and support is available from state health departments and helplines, or you can call Australian Drug and Alcohol Foundation at 1300 85 85 84 for consultation.

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