Gun owners in Florida will soon be able to carry concealed weapons without a permit. This is a cause for concern, especially for those who teach the safe and proper use of firearms.

Scott Grant is the owner of Tactical Decisions and Training. The retired sheriff’s deputy has been teaching the concealed weapons course for more than a decade.

“When we go through the class, we explain the difference between a revolver and a semi-automatic,” Grant said.

Grant teaches gun owners how to safely handle, carry, shoot and store their firearms and how to comply with the law.

“In our classes, probably 50% of people have never held a firearm in their hands. It’s scary because they go to one of these gun shops, buy a gun; that’s three days of waiting without permission. Now they’ve got a gun and ammunition and have absolutely no training,” Grant explained.

Grant said the more gun education someone has, the better.

HB 543 allow people to carry concealed weapons without a license, background check and required training.

The bill’s sponsor, Jay Collins, R-Tampa, and supporters of the Second Amendment, believe that a concealed handgun license is unnecessary, as is “authorization of the government to exercise a constitutional right.”

“In order to be able to drive, we test you for this before we give you your licence. You need a license to get married. To get a divorce if you have a child, you have to take a course. To operate a boat … firearms are more dangerous than any of them,” Grant said.

ABC Action News reached out to the Florida Association of Chiefs of Police for their opinion on illegal carry.

In a statement, they said:

“Responsible gun ownership does not begin with the issuance of a state permit. It begins with training in the safe handling, carrying, use and storage of firearms and continues with maintaining these skills while complying with all applicable local, state and federal laws and regulations. Ultimately, gun safety means that a legal gun owner who meets the legal requirements for a concealed handgun permit, whether or not they have obtained one, can protect themselves without endangering the safety of their family, community, or law enforcement bodies”.

“The Florida Association of Chiefs of Police supports constitutional carry and looks forward to working with Governor DeSantis and the Florida Legislature on this important issue.”

Recent University of North Florida survey it turned out that two-thirds of voters oppose this measure.

“If you want to exercise your Second Amendment right, we believe that you have to take certain steps for the public good and public safety to demonstrate your competence,” said Andy Pelosi.

Andy Pelosi, executive director of The Campaign To Keep Guns Off Campus, is concerned that the illegal carry of guns will lead to an increase in gun violence.

“In states where carry is legal, we’re seeing a 22% increase in gun homicides. So we’re concerned about public safety first and foremost,” Pelosi said.

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