In just a few days we will all be back for daylight saving time, which means you will lose an hour of sleep. But again, there’s a push to keep daylight saving time permanent.

Although it is only an hour, this hour has become very important to the people of Florida and the growing number of people across the country. They want us to move forward and make the transition to summer time permanent.

Ginny Leifheit lives in Fort Myers and thought we would be done with it. “We voted not to have to change this time all the time. And we always wondered what happened to that. ” Said Leifheit.

Florida voters in 2019 voted to make the changes forever. But the state cannot just change time on its own. Congress must approve.

Florida is one of 19 states that want to switch to summer time all year round. And another 22 states intend to discuss the sun protection law this year.

Malia Leifheit is from Illinois and says the sun will help her health. “I have seasonal depression, so I want the sun to be longer because I can get more sunlight to make me feel better. I honestly do it when it’s nice outside, ”Malia said.

Gail Taylor said she wants things to stay the same all year. “We would like it to be one for all. It is very confusing to walk here and there. It is very difficult for grandchildren and children who go to school, ”Taylor said.

Patti Dundra came from Vermont. “It affects your sleep. It affects your work habits. I just keep it on one term. I don’t even care which one. Just keep it alone, ”Patty said.

But some, especially sleep experts, don’t think about a year-round transition to daylight saving time.

Tim Dandrea says it works for him so far. “I don’t know, it seems to work for me,” Dandrea said. “I’m just one of those people who doesn’t like change. I like to leave everything as it is, so I would be in favor of leaving it. “

In 2022, we are moving forward on March 13 and not retreating until November 6.

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