The Lee County Justice Center is scheduled to open on Monday, October 10th. But the Charlotte County Courthouse will remain closed from October 10-14 and is scheduled to reopen on Monday, October 17.

No one will be penalized for missing hearings, trials, court events or appointments that have been scheduled while the court is closed.

You should contact your attorney if you have not received notice of a rescheduled hearing, hearing, or trial.

And if you are an attorney or represent yourself and have already scheduled a hearing using the Online Court Scheduling System (JACS), reschedule the hearing using JACS. However, if you have not scheduled a hearing through JACS, please contact the appropriate judge’s office, clerk’s office, or case management office for rescheduling information.

If you are on pretrial supervision or county probation and you missed a mandatory appointment with a county pretrial supervisor or county probation officer when court was closed and you have not been contacted to reschedule your appointment, contact your assigned county pretrial supervisor or county probation officer probation officer.