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A house in Kenosha, Wisconsin has managed to charm fans of the popular social media real estate page, and some are even considering moving to America’s Milky Way thanks to the home’s bright iridescent interior.

While the three-bedroom, two-bathroom home— which costs $250,000 — has a seemingly ordinary exterior, interior colorful walls and countertops create the atmosphere of a kindergarten.

The 2,114-square-foot property, built in 1984, has been upgraded in the past few years, including new windows, air conditioning and a water heater, according to the listing on Zillow.com.

Features include:

Her sunlight inside made her head spin Zillow Gone Wildwho called the house “Lego-friendly” in his Facebook and Twitter posts, and fans were ecstatic.

“I wonder what it looked like with all their cool boxes and Lego creations,” one person remarked. “This could be a cool themed Air B&B.”

“It’s wonderful! A house where you have to put on your shoes,” joked another.

“I actually really like it. This basement is amazing… I would repurpose it as a sewing room,” someone said. “Storage is *chef’s kiss*.”

“Oh this is my dream house… all the space I need to display all my Legos,” one person commented. “And sorting and plug-in rooms.”

“It looks so normal on the outside,” remarked another. “You’d never know there’s something amazing inside a Lego.”

“Time to go back to Wisconsin…” someone tweeted.

“I’m moving to Wisconsin,” one person declared.

“*googling Wisconsin urgently*,” said another.

“In this way amazing and cool“, someone wrote on Twitter.

The listing is hosted by Alyssa Trauber of RE/MAX Newport Elite.

Kenosha is about 40 miles south of Milwaukee.

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