Over the past two decades, there has been an influx of streaming services such as Netflix has completely
especially the way we consume entertainment has changed TV shows. Instead of waiting week after week to learn the fate of your favorite character, full seasons of shows are often released on the same day on streamers, giving viewers instant access to watch the series from start to finish in a matter of hours.

This unlimited access to content has made a significant impact on cable television, with 82 percent of American households subscribe to paid video streaming servicesaccording to data from Deloitte Company released in March 2022. With this increase in competition, prime-time television has struggled to keep up. Despite this, many long-running TV shows have stood the test of time and remained on the air after many seasons. If you’re overwhelmed by the plethora of original series on Hulu and Prime Video, consider revisiting one of these longest-running scripted TV shows of all time, such as Grey’s Anatomy or “Law and Order: IED.”

A note: This list is limited to American TV shows and excludes soap operas, reality shows, and crime shows.