The Fort Myers Marina is closed, powerless, and waiting for the next step. But the city is confident a deal will be struck soon and renovations will finally begin.

Kevin Anderson, the mayor of Fort Myers, believes the deal with Suntex Marinas to lease the Fort Myers marina could have a lot of potential.

“It will be very good, very unique, something plus for our city,” said Mayor Anderson.

The two sides began talking months before Hurricane Yang hit, and for months people living in the yacht basin protested the plan. That’s because it meant they would have to find somewhere else.

Damaged boats at the Fort Myers Yacht Basin. CREDIT: WINK News

When the hurricane destroyed the yacht basin and caused moderate to severe damage to many docks, the city closed it down.

Most of the people who lived there and protested before the storm left the area.

“As leaders, we have to make tough decisions; we must be strong. And I sincerely believe that Suntex will do a good job for us, that the city staff will put forward an agreement that will be good for the city,” said Mayor Anderson.

The agreement calls for Suntex to invest between $30,000,000 and $40,000,000 to renovate the property. In return, the city leased the property for 30 years.

“Renewable for 25 years,” Mayor Anderson said.

Fort Myers Yacht Basin. CREDIT: WINK News

However, there is still work to be done.

“We have great potential and promise,” said Mayor Anderson.

But Mayor Anderson hopes it will surface.

Mayor Anderson told WINK News he believes the deal will be on the council agenda within the next month. This gives the public a chance to look at it and ask questions or raise concerns.

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