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The NBA the off-season has come. Maybe not officially – we need to wait until 6pm on ET on Thursday to announce the signing of the free agents because, well, I don’t know exactly why – but all sorts of things are already happening.

Jalen Branson there is will be Nick!! John Wall will be a hair clipper. Caire Irving going to stay about Clean!!

Well, the latter may not be entirely true. Which brings us back to the end of the NBA moratorium. Sure, it’s great that deals with a free agency can finally be announced (isn’t it amazing how multimillion-dollar contracts are somehow concluded in 30 seconds ???), but what really makes the night fun is that it allows red tape hinder the movement of players to remove. The season of deals, signatures and looks off the court has come.

With that in mind, here are five off-court situations that may have the most impact on what happens on the court in May and June next year.

1. How will Brooklyn Nets Cope with Kaira’s wandering (third) eye?

Yes, yes, as we all know, Kairi chose his player option, that is – except in any unforeseen circumstances, which, well, you know – the Nets have to pay him $ 37 million this season in exchange for his services as a basketball player. That doesn’t mean, however, that Kairi is still planning to enter the season as a member of the Brooklyn Nets. After all, dare to be different!

The networks “surprised” Kaira Irving, who chose the option for $ 37 million

The Nets reportedly learned that Kairi Irving picked up his version just like the rest of the public: from his public statement on Twitter. Joy Taylor responds to Brooklyn’s reaction and ponders why she “can’t keep buying from the Nets”.

All he has chosen means that Kairi will not reduce his salary by $ 30 million to play for another team. But he can still ask for a change, and if he makes things uncomfortable enough for the Nets, will the organization try to find him another home?

The Los Angeles Lakers are the obvious option, but, because of the salary, attracting Kyrie would mean putting Russell Westbrook in trade. This will require finding a third team, as the Nets do not want to bring back Westbrook. This might have been possible if the Lakers had any assets left that could be attached to Westbrook.

But if we know anything about Kaira, it is that everything never goes as planned. If the Nets just get to the season and get it, Kevin Durant,, Ben Simmons,, Joe Harris and Seth Curry on the floor together and run in circles around the competitions, they might be fine. But by this point we still have about three months. When it comes to Kaira Irving’s whims, three months is a long time.

2. Are Atlanta Hawks finished the case?

They have already sent almost all their elections in the first round Spurs for Dejunte Murray, a dynamic 25-year-old guard who joined the West All-Star team last season. Murray will help cover up Tre Young in defense and give the Hawks a little more rebound, especially when Young is sitting.

But the Hawks still have John Collins on the list, the player they have been buying for over a year. Collins – a versatile forward 6 feet 9, who can run in a circle, create from dribbling and 37.6% 3-point shooter – is a player that can be used by many contenders. Hawks head Travis Schlenk has already proven to be one of the NBA’s most aggressive grandmasters. I’m curious to see what this team looks like next week.

3. Who wants Rudy Robert?

This may be the team he is now playing for Utah Jazz. Or maybe it’s the Hawks. Maybe it is Timberwolveswhich turn out to be open to ideas Cities of Carlo Anthony as their center and combining it with another large rim that protects.

We don’t know. What we do know is that Gober is a player who will have a major impact on next year’s standings. No, he is not perfect, and of course he was chosen in several playoff matches. But he still established himself as a player who, thanks to his incredible defense and skill of running around the rims, influences victory.

Yes, I know he is 30 years old and he needs a bunch of money. But not every day the three-time best defender of the year enters the market. Personally, I love Gobert for John Collins and Clint Capella a deal for both Jazz and Hawks. That would give Atlanta another defensive foundation behind Tre Young and Jazz for more versatility and impact. But I am sure that there are other deals that could greatly affect this year’s situation.

4. Where there is Deondre Aitan going to?

Rarely do you see the 23-year-old former № 1 pick become available, especially in a season in which he averaged 17.2 and 10.2 rebounds per game and started in the center in the best session of the Western Conference. Like Robert, Eitan is far from perfect. However, he is very young and very kind.

Eitan is a restricted free agent, that is The sun can match any offer he receives. They could also extend it last season and decided not to. For unknown reasons, they don’t seem particularly interested in having him around.

So where can Aitan land? The Pistons once seemed an intriguing option, but they just used a high throw in the center Jalen Duren and burned his whole cap, occupying Knicks‘unwanted contracts. There aren’t many teams left with seats, so it’s likely Aitan’s next home will be the result of a subscription and trade. He is a player that every contender and hopeful for the playoffs should call the Suns.

5. Are Wizards really doing it Bradley Bill thing?

Bradley Bill is a great basketball player. This he proved. What he has not demonstrated is that he has the ability to lead the team on his own.

Bill is on the verge of becoming a free agent. He and the Wizards seem to be on the verge of an agreement on a long-term, maximum extension. Here are the numbers:

My question is: why? If you are a magician, what do you get out of it? It’s not Bill’s fault that they failed to surround him with the appropriate talent, but that’s their reality. A prudent move for Washington would have been to exchange Bill two years ago when he was still signed and teams like PelicansKnicks, Sexers and Warriors – to name just a few – could enter a bargaining war.

I admire Bill’s loyalty. But it also looks like the Wizards are destined to spend the next five seasons fighting, at best, for a place in the game tournament.

Jaron Weitzman is an NBA writer for FOX Sports and author Climbing to the top: The Philadelphia 76ers and the most daring process in the history of professional sports. Follow him on Twitter @YaronWeitzman.

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