Cape Coral now has a better idea of ​​what the new yacht club will look like.

The city of Cape Coral has submitted to the Army Corps of Engineers a permit for more than 20 pages.

The plan includes new dams, docks and servicing dredgers.

The engineering corps must approve the city’s request for permission before the city can move forward.

For some, the plans are interesting, but Jim Goletz prefers to keep the yacht club the same.

When he comes to town from Michigan, Golets calls the yacht club his second home, and he likes that he is.

“I drive about 30 miles a day,” Golets said. “This is my business. I come here for heart health. That’s why I’m riding. “

Golets said he hopes the permits will be postponed forever.

Cape Coral City manager Rob Hernandez disagrees.

The construction of the yacht club was delayed for two months.

“People travel a lot with this permission. And the sooner we can get its approval, the sooner we can start improving the facility, “Hernandez said.

The new plans include a 2,700-foot dam built just 18 inches in front of the current contract wall. The new docks will have 162 overlays to replace the existing ones.

The existing ramp will also be replaced by a two-lane ramp installed in the marina pool.

“A lot of what we do is replace what we already have. So this is not necessarily a new construction, ”Hernandez said.

Hernandez fears the longer the wait, the more expensive it will cost.

“I just don’t see any reason why we should spend all this money on these improvements,” Golets said.

Some of the factors that the Army Corps takes into account when considering these permits include impacts on conservation, aesthetics, and economics.

There are no schedules for approving this permit or the permit filed in Southwest Florida by the Water District.

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