The family will soon find a new home after a fire broke out in their house on Saturday.

A fire broke out on New York Drive in Tisza on Saturday morning. (Credit: WINK News)

That’s all that’s left today of the trailer caught fire on Saturday morning in Tyca.

The fire wasted no time in destroying Eva Perkins’ house. Firefighters reached her area in minutes, but the flames had already engulfed the house.

“We don’t know what to do,” Perkins said. “We lost all our work equipment, everything is gone,” said Perkins guy Eric Good.

Perkins, Hood and her son Carl woke up from the smoke and came out with clothes on their backs. One dog got out with them. Their other two dogs did not have time.

Perkins and Hood said they had no choice but to start over. It will be difficult, but they are grateful to do it together.

“We have no place. We have nothing. Some people donated these clothes to me. That’s all I have to wear right now. I’ve been wearing the same thing for three days, “Perkins said.

The American Red Cross is helping couples and her son find shelter, but it won’t last forever.

While clothes, phones and other valuables are gone, Perkins said her message to anyone watching is simple. “We just need to appreciate what we have, and support what we have, and tell each other that I love you,” Perkins said.

Perkins said firefighters believe the fire was caused by a problem with electricity.

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