Providing essential services to a community in desperate need through a program called the Living Together Initiative. Together, the groups offer everything from scholarships to wellness items.

The Togetherhood Initiative Community Center in Immokalee is one of a kind. A place to help a group of underserved people.

“The biggest struggle for our patients here is getting access to care,” said Dr. Sal Anzalone, medical director of pediatrics at Healthcare Network.

Anzalone is committed to helping people. “We see things. Not just obesity and nutrition issues, but things like autism and children with speech or developmental delays. To get speech therapy, occupational therapy, physical therapy for some of our premature babies who may need ongoing therapy.”

Togetherhood Initiative is a group of non-profit agencies. The goal is to be open and easy to access. No more traveling to Naples or elsewhere for food, education and medical care.

“We need to make sure these people are not only educated and trained, but also supported with the resources we need to create a culture of well-being for everyone everywhere,” said Chuck Gillespie, CEO of the National Institutes of Health.

“It’s difficult because transportation and distance itself is a barrier in addition to financial barriers, ethnic barriers, because there are populations that are at higher risk for various health complications, so it’s it is important to be aware, and we can do everything to improve their access to care will benefit – said Angelina Bernier, associate professor at the University of Florida and director of the Program on Metabolism and Obesity.

This is just a glimpse of what they will be offering at this Immokalee location, but hopefully the facility will benefit all of Collier County.

You can learn more about the “Together” initiative at by visiting their website.

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