Gloucester City, New Jersey – Three Gloucester cops and three good Samaritans are considered heroes for rescuing a drowned driver in the Delaware River last month.

Footage from the body camera, obtained by Action News, shows the chaotic rescue on April 28 after the female driver left the Freedom Pier.

Officer Sean Gartland, Officer John Brishewski and Detective Sergeant Carlos Depoder immediately rushed into action to save the woman.

Gartland was first in.

“As I enter, I start opening the door and checking, trying to find her,” Gartland recalls.

Next Bryshevsky and Depoder went down into the water from 10 feet and also began to search.

“When I walk in, I walk to the front passenger door. First check there. Then check the back door. She was upstairs in the dashboard, ”Depoder said.

The officers then pulled the woman onto a log and began doing CPR in the water.

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“It was too high for us to lift her out of the water to land. So, I think that Officer Gartland, if I remember correctly, said: “Let’s use a log,” – recalls Bryshevsky.

“They kept her body on a log using a log, and I was just doing chest compressions,” Depoder said.

But it was not possible to pull it out.

“We couldn’t lift it without some intervention,” Gartland said.

They got one in the form of three good Samaritans on a boat.

Gene Blemings of Deptford and two of his colleagues worked on the barge.

“One of the guys saw the car go overboard and said, ‘Let’s go.’ We boarded the boat, ”Blemings said.

Once there, Blemings told officers they were there to help in any way.

“I went halfway and helped her get into the boat,” Blemings said.

One of his staff is a volunteer firefighter and took over resuscitation until they were able to deliver the woman to the nearest dock.

Officers say Blemings and his staff were a find.

“I jumped on the boat with them. I was burnt by being in the water and holding it, ”Brysheuski said.

“Everyone was in the right place at the right time,” Gartland said.

As expected, no one involved in the rescue thinks they have done anything out of the ordinary.

“I’m just happy she’s alive. I hope she’s fine, that’s all that matters to me,” Blemings said.

“I feel like we did our job. We did what we said we would do, what we swore we would do,” Depoder said.

The department says the woman is in serious condition but is slowly recovering.

Police say it is unclear what caused her to leave the fishing pier.

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