DeCalb County Attorney Gray Boston has announced it will not press charges against an officer involved in the fatal shooting Matthew Sadok Williamsa black man who reportedly “entered” his family’s home when police killed him.

On Tuesday, Boston disclosed its decision not to prosecute any of the officers involved in the case, while adding that their use of force was “justified” and that the police officer “did not bear criminal guilt” in the April 2021 shooting. year, Fox5 Atlanta.

However, a doctor hired by the Williams family determined that he would most likely have survived if officers had assisted him after the shooting. His mother and five sisters sought justice for Matthew, who is said to have had a mental health crisis when police killed him.

“It’s no less a tragedy or a mental tragedy,” Boston said. “Life has been lost and in this regard we express our deepest condolences to the family. Although this is not the resolution that Mr. Williams is seeking, it is a relevant resolution in accordance with the law, ”she added.

In April 2021, police shot dead a 35-year-old boy at his home near Decatur, Georgia. DeCalb County officials say he “twice attacked officers with a knife.”

Shot by police while “passing” around his own home

The Williams family used to talk TSR is investigating reporter Justin Carter last year about the Williams tragedy. A neighbor called 9-1-1, claiming that Williams was suspiciously hiding until the arrival of armed police. He was looking for the keys to his own house.

In an updated episode of the series, the family now tells The Shade Room that police were aware that Williams lived in the house where he was shot. He later died for “entering” with a knife. Officer Michael Morgan, one of the responsible offices, actually responded to the 911 “mental health crisis” call that Williams made a few weeks ago.

The camera footage shows Williams approaching one of the officers with a knife in his hand outside the family home before police opened fire and shot him. Next in the video you can see that Williams is returning to the house, and the officers continue to shoot at him.

The family says an employee who pulled the trigger violated policy and ignored signs of a mental health crisis

One of the officers at the scene, a sergeant. You can hear Devan Perry, himself a black man, asking Williams to surrender before shooting him in a horrific video.

“Please, sir. I beg you. I’m a black man, you’re black. You don’t need to die today. I don’t want you to die today, Sergeant. Perry tells Williams about the fatal shooting.

However, Williams’ family said the sergeant. That day, Perry violated police police and believes he should have viewed the situation as a mental health crisis, not a crime, Fox5 Atlanta reports.

Earlier, the family called for Perry to be fired from the police before the district attorney’s decision not to prosecute him on Tuesday, but he remains at work as a police officer to this day. online records show.

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