A newborn baby recently made its way into the crowd Rockweapons. And the footage of the moment had social media users voicing their opinion over the weekend!

The actor is on a world tour promote liberation black adam –his live-action superhero debut. Dwayne Johnson plays the DC Universe anti-hero Black Adam, who is released after five thousand years of imprisonment. Rock and his colleagues began the tour in Mexico City on October 3.

Some fans greeted them with a standing ovation, others with flashes of their phones! But one fan and father decided to give his young daughter away – trusting the crowd to get her to Rock on stage. And the crowd DID!

Rock says the SIMBA moment wasn’t surprising

Despite the unusual scene, the actor revealed in a repost that the father begged him to hold the child – even with Covid-19 looming. It’s fan love!

“Our BLACK ADAM. The tour was electric, fun and emotional. People are crying and handing me things,” Rock said. “I was NOT surprised when I was handed this beautiful little baby. Her father caught my attention because he had tears in his eyes as he lifted her up high and motioned for me to hug her.’

Rock says he considered there was a child “a toy doll.”.” Instead, he met Luciana, whom he described as a “a beautiful, serene, genuine and trusting angel.”

“I bet she’ll inspire everyone around her one day,” Rock wrote. “And whatever that moment meant to her emotional father, it meant something special to me, too. Love you back, MEXICO, and mama is strong. Daddy’s Girl ROCKS.”

As you may already know, Rock is also a baby girl dad who often shares his adventures with his teenage daughters Simone, Jasmine and Tia.

And Twitter? They had something to say

The video went viral, and opinions poured in. Keep scrolling to see what people got from the clip!