Crews in Fort Myers are preparing to convert the main road from a one-way street to a two-way one on Sunday night.

Crews began laying out the cones on Palm Beach Boulevard. in the center of Fort Myers.

Last week the reconstruction of the Second and Primorskaya streets was completed, which made it a two-way road. The process of transformation on First St and Palm Beach will be very similar to what happened on Second and Seaboard St.

Starting Monday, drivers are moving west on First St and Palm Beach. will have to go in the left lane. The right lane will be blocked as workers change lanes and signs.

Then drivers will have to use the right lane while workers do the same in the left lane. Work will continue at night until First St. Boulevard and Palm Beach turn into a two-way road.

Joe Bardanara, who lives nearby, said: “It will be a transition. I really hope that this will not cause a lot of accidents. But I know that even on Second Street it is already a transition. And the cars are going the wrong way. That just changed. So I don’t know there have been any accidents, but they’re just like, oh, and then they pass. “

All drivers must be very careful while driving on the road, as the conversion starts on Monday.

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