After a dry, hot and windy week of weather we will get the help we need due to the increased fire hazard we have experienced over the last few days this weekend.

The front, moving from the north, will stop near Lake Okeechobee from Friday to Saturday. This will return higher humidity and the necessary chances of rain.

On Friday, possible rains will be mostly concentrated in the north, closer to the front. Areas like Charlotte and Desato counties will have the highest chances of seeing individual rains and storms. These chances will decrease the further south you go on Friday. Humidity is rising, and the maximum will return to the mid and above 80s.

A low-pressure system that glides along the front stop will increase the likelihood of rain and thunderstorms in the area on Saturday night. In fact, strong and severe storms with risk levels of levels 1 and 2 are possible on Saturday night for severe storms in southwest Florida.

The main threats will be destructive wind, lightning and hail. There is also a non-zero low-level tornado threat.

Daily rains and thunderstorms will continue on Sunday and early next week.

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