Recently pastor Jamal Bryant made headlines after he made comments about the recently deceased YouTuber Kevin Samuels during one of his sermons. Not all the people were here for what he had to say, and it seems Pastor Bryant heard people loud and clear when he brought public apologies to Kevin’s family.

How before during one of his sermons Bryant said, “To people who have no power. How can a man over 35 say you are worthless? How can a man say you don’t have the same level of craving as a strong man if that man has to get GoFundMe for a funeral? ”

His words struck some people, including Amarion, who entered The Shade Room to oppose his comments.

Jamal later returned to his department to apologize to the Samuels family last Sunday. He shared a video from his church service where he is said,

“So not in a quiet place, but from the same department where I said it, I wanted to speak. Everyone wants to be an adult until it’s time to apologize, I’m already an adult and I take full responsibility for everything I say and everything I do. So I wanted to take a moment and apologize to the Samuels family. I wanted to apologize to the wider community. I wanted to apologize to my noble brothers from Kappa Alpha Psi Faternity Incorporated. Listen to this, apologies are only spoiled if you combine them with an excuse. “

He also said in his signature, “I extend my deepest condolences and apologies to family and friends of #kevinsamuels. Thanks to everyone who intended to keep me accountable. We grow on mistakes and the birth of maturity. Humility will always overcome pride. We grow as we go! ”

When it comes to the GoFundMe campaign that Pastor Bryant mentioned in his first sermon, it turns out it was started by an impostor. TMZ reports that Kevin Samuels ’family says the money was offered to them by the man who started the campaign, but they said they would not accept.

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