Will we re-evaluate Kurt Bush’s career once again?

No doubt this seems like an annual job, but yes, Sunday’s win in Kansas added another milestone on Kurt’s path from early career to mid-career turbulence and to the end of Stage Eddie’s career.

He’s like a pitcher-veteran that the team chooses in the winter, knowing he’ll get 30 starts, keep you in most games and reap a lot of innings. Give him one or two working innings and he will give you six to seven quality innings.

Kurt Bush had reason to celebrate Sunday in Kansas: his 34th career Cup win.

In that case, give Kurt four wheels (and four working nuts this year!) And he’ll score a few top 10 and win if available. Honestly, it’s a pretty great career.

Oh, and let’s never forget its sixth place in its first and only Indy 500 in 2014.

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