“Reduction, reuse and recycling” is a mantra used to describe the process of disposing of garbage in an environmentally conscious way, but what if you were told that the same process applies to clothing?

According to Environmental Protection Agency, textile waste occupies just over 5% of the landfill area. Upcycling, or the process of transforming an old item that would otherwise end up in a landfill, into something new is the perfect way to upgrade old clothes to brand new ones. fashionable a piece of everything while preserving textile waste from our communities. Here’s how to do it.

Source Clothing

Old clothes that are already in your closet – this is the best way, because you do not need to buy anything, but with the modern passion for economy, the next best step – recycling antiques. With a few dollars in your pocket, you can go to a local second-hand shop and pick anything.

How to reboot

Upcycling can be done as you wish as long as the end result is different from the original product. Painting, tailoring, sewing and painting are ways to transform a dull item of clothing with a share of creativity.

Easy summer recycling ideas

Depending on the subject you are working with, you can create something really special. Take an old skirt with a wild print and cut it into a pocket shape. Then hem the freshly cut fabric and sew it to the t-shirt to turn a simple plain shirt into something cooler.

To prepare for summer, have a crop top as well as DIY. Take a large top and sturdy fabric scissors and cut the top in half – or, cut higher or lower, depending on your personal comfort level. If you like the look of a fresh cropped hem, then take it! However, if you prefer a more refined look, feel free to head to the sewing machine and hem the bottom of the shirt.

Distress jeans – a great way to relieve stress – I mean, who doesn’t love to cut fabric? Lay out an old pair of jeans evenly on a sturdy surface. Using a cutter, rotary cutter or even just a pair of fabric scissors, cut evenly into their diagonal lines, starting from the knee area, and rise higher or lower depending on the desired look. When finished, put the jeans in the washing machine and then in the dryer. Once you pull them out, they will look amazing.



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