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A poll conducted by CNN and SSRS has determined that in a hypothetical matchup between President Joe Biden and several Republican candidates, he’s not doing too hot.

The survey of 1,503 respondents asked voters who they would choose between Mr Biden and Florida governor Ron DeSantis and the two tied 47 per cent equally.

Meanwhile, when pinned against former South Carolina governor Nikki Haley, Mr Biden lost with just 45 per cent of the vote.

The survey findings point to a larger point – Democrat voters are desperate for another candidate.

Approximately 82 per cent of Democrat or Democrat-leaning voters said they want to see the Democratic Party nominate “someone besides Joe Biden” for office.

Mr Biden’s approval rating has recently dropped along with voters’ confidence in his ability to run for re-election

The findings come shortly after a Wall Street Journal poll found that more than half of US voters believe Mr Biden is “too told” to seek a second term despite being only three years older than Republican frontrunner Donald Trump.


VOICES: From cringeworthy to baffling: 2024 candidates revealed their favorite songs

“Who wants to talk about policy when you can talk about music?

Several of the 2024 presidential candidates replied to a Politico query to list their top 20 tracks. The point of the exercise was, ostensibly, to see what music makes the hearts of our prospective presidents sing, but, let’s be honest, the responses were certainly pored over and curated by the candidates’ staffers.”

Ariana Baio8 September 2023 16:30


Nearly half of Democratic voters believe Joe Biden is too old

In a new poll from CNN, nearly half of respondents said they were concerned about President Joe Biden’s age going into another presidency.

In a survey of Democrat or Democrat-leaning voters, 49 per cent said that they were concerned about Mr Biden’s age and indicated that the US may need someone younger.

Ariana Baio8 September 2023 11:00


Who are the moderators for the second GOP debate?

The next debate is set for 27 September. Here’s everything you need to know.

Ariana Baio8 September 2023 05:00


82% of Democrat voters do not want Biden to be party’s nominee

Democrat voters are desperate for another candidate other than President Joe Biden to run for 2024 president, according to a new poll.

Approximately 82 per cent of Democrat or Democrat-leaning voters said they want to see the Democratic Party nominate “someone besides Joe Biden” for office, the poll conducted by CNN and SSRS found.

Only 1 per cent of those surveyed said they would like to see other potential candidates Robert F Kennedy Jr or Marianne Williamson to be the party’s official nominee.

Ariana Baio8 September 2023 02:00


Haley on a steady rise

Since the first GOP debate on 23 August, Nikki Haley has been on a steady rise, according to polls.

One poll from FiveThirtyEight shows Ms Haley polling at 3.4 per cent on 23 August. As of 6 September, she is at 6.3 per cent – nearly double where she was two weeks ago.

Ariana Baio7 September 2023 23:00


CNN poll shows Biden tied with Trump and DeSantis – and losing to Nikki Haley

A new poll from CNN shows President Joe Biden neck and neck with former president Donald Trump and tied with Florida governor Ron DeSantis.

Ariana Baio7 September 2023 20:00


VOICES: Even Senate Republicans don’t want to impeach Joe Biden. They may not have a choice

“It would be a mistake to call Republican senators more moderate than their House counterparts, but they do have to be more methodical. Indeed, the Senate killed both of Mr Trump’s impeachments. While the story that George Washington compared the upper chamber to a saucer is likely a bunch of malarkey, it does see itself as more responsible and a means to temper the passions of the often squirrelly House.”

Ariana Baio7 September 2023 18:30


Most people believe Biden made economy worse

More than half of US adults believe President Joe Biden’s economic policies have made the economy worse, a new poll from CNN says.

The results, comprised of sampling of 1503 adults, found that 58 per cent believe Mr Biden’s policies have made the economy worse. Only 24 per cent thought he improved the economy while 18 per cent felt there was no significant change.

Ariana Baio7 September 2023 16:00


ICYMI: Pence and DeSantis get surprising poll boost after first GOP debate

Support for former president Donald Trump among Republican primary voters dipped slightly after the ex-president skipped out on the first debate among GOP presidential hopefuls last week, according to a new poll from Emerson College.

The survey, which was conducted from 25 to 26 August, found just 50 per cent of GOP primary voters expressing an intention to vote for Mr Trump. That’s a six-point drop from a similar Emerson survey conducted before last week’s Milwaukee, Wisconsin debate.

But multiple candidates who participated in the face-off saw gains in the same survey compared with the drop in support for Mr Trump.

Ariana Baio7 September 2023 13:00


Vivek Ramaswamy’s wife dismisses concerns about his popularity with female voters

Vivek Ramaswamy’s wife has brushed off concerns about her husband’s growing unpopularity among female voters.

In an interview with NewsNation’s Elizabeth Vargas, Apoorva Ramaswamy was pressed on the tech millionaire’s unfavourability ratings among women in polls taken since the first GOP presidential primary debate in Milwaukee on 23 August.

Ariana Baio7 September 2023 10:00

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