Reggae singer Eddie Grant can succeed where the Attorney General of New York and other influential figures fought – by coercion Donald Trump answer questions under oath in court.

Eddie Grant. Photo: Jean-Christophe Bot / AP

Grant sued the former president and his company for using the song Electric Avenue in advertising in 2020.

У adGrant’s song sounds over the animation Joe Biden traveling slowly on a hand-held car, after Trump’s election train passes at high speed. Biden’s remarks are also heard.

According to on Grant’s lawsuit: “As of September 1, 2020, the video has been viewed more than 13.7 million times; the tweet containing the video was “liked” more than 350,000 times, repeated the tweet more than 139,000 times and received almost 50,000 comments ”.

The grant alleges copyright infringement and seeks $ 300,000 in damages. Trump has failed to dismiss the claim.

Lawyers for the former president argued that the advertisement was a satire, not spread by copyright law and used footage re-posted without knowing its origin. They also have said Trump cannot be sued for “the president’s absolute immunity.”

Last September Judge John Keltl wrote: “Defendants did not substantiate their extensive borrowings.”

This week in letter informed the judge by Business InsiderGrant’s attorney said he wrote “with the consent of defendants Donald J. Trump and Donald J. Trump for President, Inc. … to request a 60-day extension for the parties to complete the revelation. ”

The exchange of documents has been completed, the letter said, but “additional time is needed to plan and take testimony from both sides.”

If the case is not resolved and a new schedule is agreed, Trump and Grant will be suspended until June 21.

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