The rest of the league is still chasing the “Birmingham Stallion” as we head to the 7th week of the inauguration USFL season.

The stallions remain undefeated after six games as they prepare to face the Pittsburgh Maulers 1-5 on Saturday in Birmingham, Alabama.

Here’s everything you need to know about League 7 odds – from point spreads, money lines and total more / less through FOX Bet.

For more USFL oddscheck chances of a title for eight teams for the first season.

USFL Helmet Camera: A Great Hit by Gabriel Sewell of Philadelphia at Juvan Washington by Tampa Bay

Look into the eyes of Giovanni Washington of the Tampa Bay Bandits as he takes a big hit from Gabriel Sewell of the Philadelphia Stars.

FOX Bet commercial manager Jacob Blangsted-Barnar said New Jersey is a good match for Tampa Bay as the Generals seek to extend their winning streak to six games.

“In the game” Generals and Bandits “, the second defense of the” Generals “faces the third worst crime of bandits,” said Blangsted-Barnar. “Generals are rightly preferred, and lower amounts mean a smaller spread than you normally expect for such a mismatch.”

ELECTIONS: generals (-4 on FOX Bet) to win by more than 4 points


New Jersey Generals (5-1) against Bandits Tampa Bay (3-3), 12:00 ET Saturday, USA

Spot distribution: Generals -4 (Generals stand for victory with an advantage of more than 4 points, otherwise the bandits cover)
money line: Generals -162 favorite to win (bet $ 10 to win $ 16.17 total); Bandits +125 underdogs to win (bet $ 10 to win $ 22.50 in total)
Total more / less: 42.5 points were scored by both teams together

New Orleans Breakers (4-2) v Michigan Panthers (1-5), 9pm ET on Saturday, FS1

Spot distribution: Bumpers -5.5 (Breakers stand for victory with an advantage of more than 5.5 points, otherwise cover Panthers)
money line: Breakers -278 favorites to win (bet $ 10 to win $ 13.60 in total); Panthers +205 underdogs to win (bet $ 10 to win $ 30.50 in total)
Total more / less: Both teams scored 41.5 points together

Birmingham stallions (6-0) vs Pittsburgh Mawlers (1-5), 2pm on Sunday ET, FOX

Spot distribution: Stallions -12.5 (Stallions are in favor of victory with an advantage of more than 12.5 points, otherwise Maulers cover)
money line: Stallions -909 favorites to win (bet $ 10 to win $ 11.10 in total); Maulers +500 outsiders to win (bet $ 10 to win $ 60 in total)
Total more / less: Both teams scored 41.5 points together

Philadelphia Stars (3-3) against Houston Gamblers (1-5), 6pm ET on Sunday, Peacock

Spot distribution: Stars -4.5 (Stars stand for victory with an advantage of more than 4.5 points, otherwise cover for Gamblers)
money line: Stars -213 favorites to win (bet $ 10 to win $ 14.69 total); Gamble +160 outsiders to win (bet $ 10 to win $ 26 in total)
Total more / less: Both teams scored 43.5 points together

With the addition of licensing in New York State in April, fans will be able to place legal bets on USFL games in 27 states and Washington, DC:

Complete list of legal states for USFL betting

New Hampshire
New Mexico
New Jersey
New York
North Carolina
North Dakota
Rhode Island
South Dakota
Washington, DC
West Virginia

With legal bets in these 27 states and the District of Columbia, no professional sports league has ever had legal bets in more states than in the USFL.

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