October has officially begun, all you Halloween lovers out there Vanessa Hudgens decided to start the shenanigans in her creepy season. On Saturday, October 1 “Princess Switch” the star shared pictures from an atmospheric photo shoot she did with her friend, singer JJ McGregor. The black-and-white shots — in which the friends are dressed in matching black veils and underwear for a witchy look — are creepy enough. . . at least until you get to Hudgens’ final slide Instagram post.

“From OCTOBER 1🎃💀👻🖤🖤🖤, laugh 😉,” the actress captioned her carousel on Instagram. In the first three slides, this duo creates a mix of macabre and dramatic looks that deliver big Halloween vibes. But in the final slide, it all falls apart as Hudgens and Magrey rush to the camera and crouch down. Everything is fine until Hudgens leans over, causing her to fall as they both giggle. This is how their photo shoot goes from American Horror Story to Casper.

Hudgens took advantage of the outing by turning it into a meme on her Instagram story. The 33-year-old shared a video of her fall along with the caption “diving into October like…” proving once again that she embraces all aspects of the spooky season, from the scary to the hilarious.

Over the years, the actor has loved to share her halloween costumes with his fans and in the 2021 interview “Living with Kelly and Ryan” she talked about why she loves the holiday so much. “For me, it’s not about Halloween itself,” she explained. “It’s about the essence of Halloween, like scary movies and mazes and pumpkin carving and coziness and fall.”

And if her latest Instagram post is any indication, creepy photoshoots rank pretty high, too.