In the words of Keisha Cole, Antonio Brown’s signature that “you’re not a pimp until you get into the R&B diva” was “a little tough”. At least so the Grammy-nominated R&B artist described what Antonio shared along with Keisha’s “AB” tattoo video on her lower back. Well, things didn’t get better on Tuesday. Antonio returned live on Instagram, where he asked Keisha to step down.

“Keishi Cole, as you know I’m a player, we don’t want you to be Keishi,” AB said as his camera looked at the city. “Stay away from my devil, you heard.”

Keishi says AB has previously made it clear that he doesn’t like her

On Monday night, Keishia and celebrity stylist EJ King spoke about Antonio. She mentioned it she identified herself with himsaying she “saw a black man experiencing movement”. However, as live on Tuesday, Keishi said AB “made it very clear” that he was referring to her.

“He said, ‘Baby, I liked you at first, but not now – it’s not like that.’ So I think maybe that’s exactly what it is, ”Keyshia said.

Hours after the live video ended, Keishia seemed to be referring to AB’s Instagram signature in her Insta story. The publication existed for at least two hours before it was removed. She started with the fact that she’s a “big date” and that she sees it now.

“I have a 12-year-old child. As such disrespect for what … Nothing is worth such a level of disrespect, especially if you do not deserve it. You had so much love, respect and admiration. I don’t think it was mutual either. “

Antonio Brown tells his haters “Go play with your kids”

Now we can’t say whether AB caught Keyshia’s post, but on Tuesday he didn’t stop in his live broadcast. Mentioning Keisha, he appealed to all who might hate him.

“And all of you, people who are just moving back and forth, I’m not coming back, I’m going forward,” – Keishia. Don’t play with me, play with your kids and don’t play with your girlfriend if you’re cute or what you have you heard. But all the Clouds.

Keisha Cole did not respond to Antonio’s last harsh words, but liked it. Shadow room‘s, among 88,000 others and over 39,000 comments.

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