Wendy Williams maybe there won’t be her talk show now, but that definitely won’t stop her from giving us tea, OK!

During an interview with Fat Joewho received guests Wendy Williams Show since her absence in 2021, Wendy has talked about her legal problems Wales Fargoreturning to TV, and Gray Shepherd takes her place in her upcoming show.

When Fat Joe asked about Gray ShepherdWendy made it clear that she was not interested in watching the 55-year-old boy, who eventually replaced her.

Fat Joe asked:

Are you sad that you didn’t come to the show?

Wendy replies:

Yes! I wish I was there right now to talk about it and talk to you. But, you know what? They have already put people like you there. You are already in position. She went on to say, “I’m glad I can talk when I get back.”

Wendy also said she would “absolutely” return to her show.

Mentioning that Gray Shepherd is “taking over the show,” Wendy said she likes Gray, but she’s not going to watch the new sow.

I. [like] her, but I won’t be watching her because I know what she’s going to do, and that’s really none of my business. Hmmm, you know? You know what I’m saying? Anyway.

Shortly afterwards, Gray Shepherd responded to Wendy’s remarks. In the IG video, Gray Shepherd said:

She [Wendy Williams] not good. So there’s just a lot going on in Wendy’s life. This is when you need friends. You need your family. You need people who love you. ” She went on to say, “So all I can do here is pray for Wendy.

She went on to say they could not be friends because the talk show vet said she did not want to be friends with celebrities because “it would be hard for her to talk about them”.

Making it clear that she doesn’t know who Wendy’s friends are, Gray also said she has a “very strong friendship and she loves to“ lift the spirits of other women ”.

Gray the show of the same name expected to debut this year.

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