President Biden delivered an emotional speech calling for tighter gun laws and America to fight violence after The mass shooting in Texas took place at Rob Elementary School in Ulvada, Texas, claiming more than 20 lives.

Less than two weeks after the mass shooting in Buffalo, New York, Biden had to face the American people again and tell about another mass shooting that took the lives of students and primary school teachers.

Upon learning of the shooting on his return from a trip to Asia, Biden found a moment to sympathize with parents and loved ones who may be involved in the loss of the child since he lost his son Bo in 2015. Beginning his speech, he stated:

Losing a child is like tearing off a piece of the soul. Your chest is empty, [and] you feel drawn to it, you can never get out … suffocate. It is never quite the same.

Demanding action on gun control, Biden asked:

When, for God’s sake, will we stand up against the gun lobby? If, in the name of God, we do what we all know to do?

Full of emotion, Biden said he was “sick and tired” of the violence, and asked another question:

How many dozens of young children have witnessed what happened – seen their friends die, as if on the battlefield, for God’s sake?

Biden also wondered why we are willing to live in such chaos.

Why are we willing to live with this carnage? Where, for God’s sake, is our backbone?

According to ABC News, the governor Greg Abbott identified suspect as 18-year-old deceased suspect Salvador Ramos. During an unrelated press briefing, Governor Ebat spoke about Uwalde High School student. He is currently charged with killing 19 children and two adults, CNN reports.

Colleagues, please continue to keep in your prayers the families affected by this tragedy.

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