There! Not every day people send you to go on a first date, but a Twitter user unfortunately learned the hard way after going home when the date ended.

A woman by username @jaipurlan shared a viral video on a date with a man who insisted she went home because she didn’t want to go back to his home.

In the 48-second clip you can hear a woman asking why she should go home.

You drove me here. So I don’t understand why I’m going home. I don’t understand that.

He replied:

You don’t want to come back to me. No sense in wasting gas. From here you can walk.

After she went on to explain why she did not want to return to his home, he stated:

We spent the whole day together. Obviously, you’re attracted to me … I don’t understand what’s going on. You will either come back to me or start walking.

It comes after she paid for the food and gave him money for gas. On Twitter, she wrote:

He paid for his own food, poured him gas, and that’s how the meeting ended.

Several people on social networks told about the situation interestingly.

One person stated:

“Wait… he let you pay… you gave him money for gas… and he was still waiting for something? N *** as a lost man.

Another person wrote:

She gave him money for gas … And when you take a woman, you throw her, fuck, from where you took her. You guys have ever wondered why men get into bad situations … here it is.

Someone understood the point of the guy wrote:

I’m not saying he’s right, but I hear him on the gas part when in fact she lives nearby.

A Twitter user said her later date told her that going home was a “joke” and he brought flowers to try to make up for her. The woman shared with Shadow room she eventually blocked him because of his behavior.

Cameras, what do you think of that?

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