A mother from Virginia says her 13-year-old son has changed since learning about critical race theory, and she is now suing the school.

In an interview with Jesse Watters Primetime, Melinda Riley says she never had a problem with her son before the Albemarle School District introduced him to “anti-racism”Politics. Because of the information, Riley says her son now identifies himself as Black.

We had no problems before. He is in the eighth grade. He sees himself as a black man. He sees things that don’t suit him like racism, and now he finds security in numbers.

She also says her son sees the world “negatively” and has been “put in a box”.

Riley said that when asked to do household chores, her son uses racism “as an excuse because they told him that is how people see him as a black man that the world is against and [he] now sees it as a negative. “

Riley shared with Jesse that she expresses her concern with the school, and she claims the school has stated that her son may be a “representative” of the black community.

The mother also said the school said that if her son feels uncomfortable, he can talk about racial issues in a safe place. But Riley felt it was segregation.

When I told them I didn’t think it would be appropriate, they told me that if he was uncomfortable with conversations, he and other colored kids could go to a safe place during those conversations, and that was segregation.

Riley and other parents filed a lawsuit against the Albemarle School District in December. Her lawyer, Ryan Bangert, said the school does not deny the curriculum, and the school is “repelled”.

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