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Santa Claus is coming to town – and he’s not only stocking up on coal.

In “Cruel Night” David Harbor plays the role of Santa Claus, but he’s not the jolly, giant squishy most people expect. This version of Santa isn’t afraid to transform into an action hero and unleash the murderous potential of holiday decorations to save the day. In the trailer released on October 5, Santa is delivering presents on Christmas Eve when a team of mercenaries break into the home of a wealthy family. Luckily, the family’s baby girl received a special gift: a radio that her parents say will give her a direct line to Santa Claus. If it works, Santa vows to save the girl and her family, no matter the cost. The bad guys never see Old Saint Nick coming.

Harbor became famous for his role in “Strange things“, but he’s also been making a name for himself as an action hero. He appeared in 2016’s Suicide Squad, played Hellboy in the 2019 sequel, and joined the MCU in 2019’s Black Widow. He’ll reprise the role as Red guard in 2024 “Thunderstorms”. He is also set to appear in the upcoming Gran Turismo video game adaptation, and of course the highly anticipated one the final season of Stranger Things.

Cruel Night also stars John Leguizamo as the mercenary leader, and the trailer shows him and Santa Harbor going head-to-head. Ahead, watch the “Violent Night” trailer and get all the information you need about this Christmas action movie.

Cruel Night Trailer.

Violent Night release date.

“Violent Night” opens in theaters on December 2. No broadcast date has been announced, but since it’s Universal, you can expect it to be on Peacock sometime after release.

Actors “Cruel night”.

In addition to Harbor and Leguizamo, the cast also includes Beverly D’Angelo, Alex Hassell, Alexis Lauder, Eddie Patterson, Cam Gigandetand Andre Eriksen.