This hot girl is booked and busy, Chile is and not only on the music scene.

Megan Ty Stallion hinted that she might be joining the new season of Stranger Things in an Instagram post on Saturday, October 8, where she shared a photo of herself sitting in a Netflix chair and holding a piece of paper with the hit show’s logo on it. .

This leads fans to wonder if Meg will be in Season 5 Strange things?

Fans are reacting to the news on social media

While it hasn’t been confirmed, fans of the hot girls around the world are excited about the possible appearance, including former Disney star Bella Thorne, who is best known for her role as Cee C Jones on the show Shake It Up. with a colleague Zendaya.

Under Meg’s recent Instagram post, she commented:

You are kidding 🔥

Other people followed her with comments like “Damn. Not Tina Snow in Hawkins” and “If the right dictionary picture is booked and busy, that would be your friend!!”

Others took to TikTok to express their excitement. one TikToker shared that it has been said that Stranger Things is no longer adding characters and that she may be gearing up for a Super Bowl commercial.


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Needless to say, it seems hot guys and gals are here for it.

Actress Megan Tee

Megan does not play about her acting skills! Sis has starred in several TV shows this year, including Starz’s “P-Valley” and Hulu’s “She-Hulk.”

In “P-Valley” season 2, Meg pressed Tina Snow and glided through Pink.

Both the creator and the star of the TV series were there ET interview said back in August that working with her was “epic” and “amazing.” They also shared what they wanted to show her from the first season, be it as an actor or a performer.

But as always, Meg remains ready for the change that brought it about her next cameo in She-Hulk: Attorney at Law where she played herself and got into a dance battle.

And let’s not forget her first TV debut on Good Girls Season 3 with Reta, Reno Wilson, Mae Whitman, Manny Montana and more!

Megan You, cheerleader

Whether or not she makes it to the new season of Stranger Things, it doesn’t look like her acting career will end there. She also expressed her wish to play Gabrielle Union’s character Isis in the Bring It On reboot.“.

In the August interview with Cutsaid the rapper

“I always wanted to be Isis. I would be perfect for that. If they ever make a new Bring It On, I have to be that character.”

And it seems Gabby was there to break the news, tweeting ‘Hmmmm so Isis might have a teenager.’

Let’s cross our fingers that they move forward.

While it’s unclear how Meg will work with the Stranger Things cast, we think fans are excited to see what happens next.

Roommates, do you think Megan will appear in Stranger Things Season 5, or do you think there’s another type of collaboration?