CRAWFORDVILLE, Fla. (WTXL) – Wakula County has received $12 million from the state to improve its sewer infrastructure through the Wastewater Grant Program.

The money will be used to convert neighborhoods that rely on septic systems to use the county’s sewer system.

County officials said the move will help improve the areas’ storm sewer systems.

The transition from septic to sewer will also help the Wakulla Springs Basin.

The project is designed to stop 18,000 pounds of nitrogen entering the basin.

“There’s definitely a desire to protect our aquifer and the Wakula Springs Basin,” said Wakula County Director of Intergovernmental Relations Michelle Metcalf. – It is very important to protect it. These are wonderful sources, and if we don’t protect them, not one will.”

The county has received a total of $81 million from the state and the Northwest Florida Water Management District for wastewater treatment projects like this one.

County officials said this ongoing project will connect more than 1,500 homes to the Wakula County sewer system.

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